Tuesday, January 22, 2013

High Flames in the house of the Reverend

High Flames in the house of the Reverend.
This time is gonna be fire.
Me with the almighty Moxters of the Universe & La Piramide di Sangue, one of the best psychedelic italian outfits
Jan 24. Circolo Magnolia - Milano
Powered by Solomacello. For this special night Solomacello will also release a special split-cd with unreleased material from Johnny Mox & La Piramide di Sangue.
30 copies only. Rad shit.
(Artwork: Solomacello (f)Art Department)


01.La Piramide di Sangue - Natale a Beirut (Previously Unreleased)
02.Johnny Mox - The Golden Sherpa (Previously Unreleased)
03.La Piramide di Sangue - Tu getti sale sulle mie ferite
04.Johnny Mox - Benghazi   عربية الربيع


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