Monday, July 08, 2013

Creature / Summer reviews

Big time with the almighty Moxters of the Universe: it's been a great great summer so far.
Here's a review of the No Fest debut on Sentireascoltare > Go
another great article on Franz Mag about the Mox/Gull tour>Go
and here's a review on Hate Tv of our sick show at Festivalpark in Pisa.> Go
This saturday I'm going to play a solo show with a bunch of new songs at Creature Festival in Lodi. 
See you on the road mommafucker

13-07-13 Creature Festival - Lodi
25-07-13 Borgo Valsugana 
27-07-13 Curtarock - Padova / w The Moxters of the Universe
02-08-13 Goose Festival - Castello di Zevio (Vr)
10-08-13 Point Open Air - Egna (Bz) w The Moxters of the Universe


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