Friday, November 14, 2014

Juke Mox / Nov 14

Greys - If Anything
Dope Body - Lifer
Eden Ahbez - Eden's Island
The Oops - Back to breast
C'mon Tigre - C'mon Tigre
Part Chimp - Thriller
Flying Lotus - You're dead
Shellac - Dude Incredible
Mombu/Oddaatte - Split
Masada - Live in Sevillia 2000
The Dirtbombs - Party store
This May Be My Last Time Singing: Raw African-American Gospel on 45RPM, 1957-1982Snapcase - Progression through unlearning
The Como Mamas - Get an understanding
Bruno Nicolai - Tutti i colori del Buio
Stab City - St
The Gun Club - Fire of Love
The Fall - Totale's Turns (It's Now Or Never)
Poets Of Rhythm - Anthology 1992-2003
Ali Farka Tourè - The Source
Dj Gruff - Zero Stress
Clockcleaner - Babylon blues


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